Neil Patterson’s new book is Becoming Alfie.




Becoming Alfie is the first book in the Alfie Norrington Series and is about the life of a lovable character called Alfie Norrington.



Author Neil PattersonThe character of Alfie Norrington was born out of Neil’s life experiences and vivid imagination. Neil was born just East of London and currently lives on the NSW Coast.

Becoming Alfie is the first book…

in the Alfie Norrington Series and is about the life of a lovable character called Alfie Norrington.

Alfie was born just minutes into the twentieth century to an impoverished east end family that was squashed into a 2 roomed tenement in Mile End. His father Bernie was a violent alcoholic, his mother worked fourteen hours each day to cobble together enough to feed her brood. His siblings are Jack who is eight, Fred six and twin girls Rosie and Lily two, when Alfie was born.

From an early age Alfie fought to survive. He became a proficient thief and an excellent pick pocket with most of his earnings supplementing the family’s meagre finances.

Alfie attended school and was considered a bright student and a formidable boxer. WW1 commenced with Alfie’s brother Fred volunteering, going off to war and soon suffering from battle neurosis. Alfie volunteered by faking his age, when sixteen, then left for the trenches of Ypres after his training. He was severely injured by a trench bomb soon after his arrival and shipped back to hospital in England.



Drawing on aspects of his own upbringing in London’s East End, Neil Patterson leads the reader through a colourful but accurate perspective of the journey to manhood and success, from tough beginnings of a cockney scallywag that is young Alfie. A remarkable story of cunning, strength, resilience, mateship and loyalty. Highly recommended.

Alfie’s experiences and exploits as a Cockney street kid shape his character.  As a young man he is forced to deal with the dreadful realities that come with war. Here he forms unbreakable bonds with fellow soldiers.  On his return to civilian life, his quick wits and roguish but likeable personality lead him to succeed in business and set him on adventures on the other side of the world.  Alfie is a man of his word.  Truly absorbing reading.

I loved Becoming Alfie. The characters inspired me, the manner in which Alfie rose above his difficult start in life to become a  man of conviction and enterprise made great reading. I am looking forward to the second book in the series and frankly, can’t wait.

This was a book that, as a reviewer, I really wasn’t enthused about. That changed as I began to simply enjoy the adventures of Alfie as he grew into a man. His experiences and subsequent feelings are well written by Patterson, so much so that by the books conclusion I was wanting more. An excellent debut book. Highly recommended!

Loved the book, can’t wait for the movie…………..